Over the years the firm has amassed a consolidated network of professionals in Italy and abroad capable of assisting our clients in the main aspects of corporate life. The firm can therefore put the client in contact with tax advisors, accountants, notaries, business consultants and, naturally, lawyers with specific experience and preparation in matters not dealt with directly by our firm.

The network of relations covers the main Italian cities and some of the main European cities, London in particular, where the firm has established domiciliation with an important law and tax advisory firm.

Over the years, the firm has also consolidated relationships with primary companies and professionals in South East Asia, as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and recently added to hi clients many companies from Turkey, Iran and Georgia.

The firm can proudly boast of being fortunate enough to offer a most valid and highly efficient secretarial service in its Milan and Carnago offices. The service is based on courtesy and availability of collaborators with rare precision and reliability, capable of understanding and resolving clients’ needs, even autonomously, where possible.